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Only Fools and Horses - 'The Jolly
Expected: Autumn 2020

The tradition of the annual Jolly Boys Outing fell under Del Boy's organisation for nearly two decades, before the now legendary events of the 1989 excursion to Margate. A particularly incident packed affair, the members of the trip boarded this coach run by Percy's Luxury Tours of Peckham, with onboard entertainment provided by one of Del's slightly dodgy (as in 'flammable') radio systems. Preparing to begin the return journey home, the radio combusted, burst into flames, and then caused the coach to explode, stranding everyone in Margate. (Trust us though, it's not that bad.)

BBC and ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES (word marks and logos) are trade marks of the British Broadcasting Corporation and are used under licence. BBC logo BBC 1996. Only Fools And Horses logo BBC 1981. Series created and written by John Sullivan. Licensed by BBC Studios.

Technical Specification & Detail
Scale 1:76
Length 146mm
Age Suitability 14+


820-CC02741   Only Fools and Horses - 'The Jolly