Borgfeldt Canada Ltd.

This is the latest addition to the Educational Construction Series, and it is the first to use a centrifugal pump with impeller it sucks in water and shoots it out to move the model forwards, rather than pushing it with a propeller.

The kit recreates a water scooter with rider figure, and offers a fascinating insight into the mechanics of motion, perfect for inquisitive minds both young and not-so-young!

About the Model
The body is molded in a single piece, with a 1- piece mount for the motor, a 2-piece figure, and a separate handlebar part. A foam float is included, and the submarine motor is attached to it.
The pump features separate case, impeller blade, rudder and nozzle parts.
It also has a rudder which allows you to change the course which the model takes.
Change the angle of the pump to alter speed and direction of expelled water.
Pump is attached via suction cup this allows you to use it in other models, too!
Features a sticker sheet to decorate the model. The impeller is powered by the tried and trusted Submarine Motor Mini.


799-75027   LINE TRACING SNAIL 2