Borgfeldt Canada Ltd.

Released in 1985, the Type 260 motors have been used in a variety of educational and robotics applications. Offered as part of the Tamiya Educational Construction Series gearboxes, the 4-speed High power gearbox H.E can be assembled with high and low gear ratios. These gearboxes are seen at Robotics contests around the world.

Specs & Features:
-The gearbox features four gear ratios (39.6:1, 47.6:1, 61.7:1, 74:1).
-Gear ratio can be easily adjusted by changing the motor pinion (10T, 12T), spur gear position, and altering the middle and final gear attachment position. 4mm dia.
-threaded driveshaft included.
- Gearbox is compatible with other Education Construction items.
- Type 260 motor included. RPM: 5040-6300, Voltage: 1.5V Recommended.
- Separately available 130 and 140 motors can also be attached with the included adapter.
-Width: 32mm, Height: 28mm, Length: 69mm.
-Two 12mm hex wheel hubs included.
-H.E. denotes High Efficiency.

Gear Ratio 39.6:1, 47.6:1, 61.1:1, 74.1:1
RPM 255, 212, 163, 136
Torque g/cm 508, 588, 752, 876


799-72007   4-SP HIGH POWER GEAR BOX HE