Borgfeldt Canada Ltd.

The Educational Construction Series is a great way of learning how different types of movement can be used to power your creations. This kit creates a kayak that will give many hours of on-water enjoyment! It offers an enthralling construction process and a window into just how different propulsion mechanisms work.

Plastic model assembly kit creating a simple Kayak model. Length: 210mm, width: 200mm, height: 105mm.
The compact underwater gearbox and submarine motor mini (Item 70186) are used to power the paddle via a crank and link rods. A 3D link design ensures that the paddling motion is realistic.
Alter paddle blade angles to change the direction that the model moves in.
Paddle and kayaker are molded in PP plastic.
Features a kayak-shaped PE foam component with tail part that stabilizes the kayak as it moves and doubles as a stand when the model is out of the water.
Paddle is secured using rubber rings for good durability.
Water resistant stickers are provided to decorate the kayaker.


799-70238   KAYAK