Borgfeldt Canada Ltd.

Use this set to make your own tracked vehicle projects!

This set includes sprocket and idler wheel parts and includes track parts plus 2 types of sprocket. This lets you power multiple tracks from one shaft. Sprockets and idler wheels are the same diameter for convenience.

32mm Diameter Sprockets (closed hole) x2
32mm Diameter Sprockets (hole bored through) x2
32mm Diameter Idler Wheels x3
Wheel parts are molded in Orange.
3 different lengths of Metallic Gray elastomer track (30-link x2, 10-link x4, 8-link x4) are included. Use them to get the perfect size for your model.
Two 3x100mm hex shafts and one 3x100mm standard shaft are included


799-70229   32MM SPROCKET & TRACK SET