Borgfeldt Canada Ltd.

This gearbox can be operated by both alkaline batteries (1.5-3.0V) and electricity generated from a solar panel (0.5V, 1.5V) and can be assembled with three different gear ratios to enable various hobby applications.

Specs and Features
Outer case is made from clear ABS material to allow the internal mechanisms to be viewed.
The gearbox features three gear ratios (12.7:1, 38.2:1, 114.7:1).
Comes with 3mm hex drive shaft (length: 100mm).
Crank plates which can be used as wheels also included.
Gearbox attachment holes feature 35mm distance to allow compatibility with universal plate products. RC300-FT-14270 motor included.


799-70203   LC MOTOR GEARBOX 3SP